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Quality Veterinary Care

In Case Of an Emergency;

Please take note if you have an Emergency during normal Business hours please call ahead to let us know that your coming and what the nature of your emergency is. After normal Business hours, please call the Southwest Michigan Animal Emergency Hospital at 269.381.5228 located on W. Cork St in Kalamazoo.


Payment Policy
We require full payment at the time services are rendered.  For your convenience, we accept cash, personal checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

When you call us to schedule an appointment, please let us know if there is something specific happening with your pet, we need to schedule for each item that you are being seen for Ex.(if you are needing annual vaccines, that should be scheduled for just vaccines but if you would like to have something else looked at by the doctor we will need to allow extra time for that)   For your convenience, we now have the ability to schedule your appointments when you submit a request online either through our website or Petly. If it is an emergency please call our office at 269-679-5248.


Your Visit
Schoolcraft Veterinary Clinic is by appointment only. We do not see clients on a walk in basis unless you have called to inform us of an emergency. 
Puppies who have not had their complete series of vaccinations should be kept off the floor if possible.  Although we try very hard to keep things clean, puppies are especially vulnerable to some diseases before their vaccinations are complete.

Waiting Room
While you are waiting for your turn with a doctor, please keep your pets on a leash or in your lap or in a pet carrier.  Although your dog may be very friendly, other dogs may not. Sometimes our pets react in ways we would never imagine when faced with a strange and sometimes frightening environment. We want to make it a safe place for everyone. Sick Pets and Emergency Visits do take priority so at times you may experience a wait before we can get you in to see a doctor, Please try to be patien with us or we can reschedule to another day. We understand that you would want us to see your pet first if it were sick or needed emergency care.  We try to keep you updated as much as possible if we are not running as scheduled while in the lobby.